The Non-Lucrative Visa

Required documents to apply the Spanish non-lucrative visa:

  • Valid Passport and photograph
  • National visa application form
  • Non-working residence visa form
  • Health insurance contracted with a Spanish company
  • Proof of financial means (minimum €28.800 per applicant)
  • Criminal Records check certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Application fee (form 790 code 052)


The non-lucrative residency in Spain offers several key benefits:

  • Family inclusion: As the main applicant, you can request residency permits for your spouse and children, allowing your entire family to relocate together.
  • Freedom of movement: With this residency, you can freely travel and reside within the Schengen area, encompassing multiple countries in Europe.
  • Long-term stay: After the initial year, you have the option to renew your residency, enabling you to establish a long-term presence in Spain. Furthermore, you can continue the renewal process until you obtain permanent residency in the country.