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Digital Nomad Visa

The digital nomad visa in Spain is a residence permit that allows non-EU citizens to live and work remotely in the country.

It can be extended up to 5 years and is tailored to the needs of individuals who want to work for a company abroad or have clients worldwide.

The visa offers several advantages, including the option to apply directly from Spain or obtain a 1-year visa from your home country. The years spent under this visa count towards Spanish nationality and permanent residence.

Click below to learn more information about the requirements and tax benefits of digital nomad visa!

Non-Lucrative visa

The non-lucrative visa in Spain is a residence permit for foreigners who have sufficient funds and do not plan to engage in professional activities.

It allows them to stay in Spain for one year, with the option to renew.

The visa is ideal for retirees, non-EU citizens with financial means to support themselves, and individuals who want to spend their first year in Spain without working, with the possibility of obtaining a work permit later on.

Click below to learn more about the documental requirements and benefits:

Other Visas

For other visa types, kindly click the link below to provide your information. Our team of experts will promptly reach out to you to discuss your requirements and assist you accordingly.

Thank you for considering our services, and we look forward to assisting you with your visa needs.




Immerse in the vibrant culture of Barcelona, where Gaudí’s architectural wonders and stunning beaches create a city unlike any other


Experience the heartbeat of Spain in Madrid, a dynamic capital with world-class museums, bustling markets, and an electrifying nightlife


Discover the perfect blend of modernity and tradition in Valencia, a captivating city with futuristic architecture, delicious cuisine, and lively festivals


Step into the enchanting beauty of Sevilla, where ancient Moorish palaces, passionate flamenco performances, and charming winding streets captivate your senses

Spanish Classes

Learn Spanish in a group setting alongside other international students.

  • Meeting new people who have the same objectives as you
  • Making new friends in a new city
  • Learning Spanish via team activities and interactive exercises
  • Not to mention a more cost-friendly experience

We have Group Courses, Private Courses, Online Spanish Courses, DELE Preparation Courses, and Specific Spanish Courses. Click below to learn more information about the classes!

Spanish Internship

Do your dream's spanish internship in every sector
Accounting Education Design Business Anthropology Agriculture Art Architecture

Find your internship today!​

We manage internship placements in a wide variety of sectors with leading companies across Spain.

Our partnerships are constantly expanding so if you can’t find the sector you’re searching for, be sure to make an inquiry.

Among our most popular options are tax, labor and accounting consultancy firms as well as online platforms working in e-commerce, biotech innovation and IT.

Interns will be involved with supporting the department’s daily tasks, working on financial investment proposals, managing customer project operations, designing client presentations and preparing reports for senior management to name a few of the required responsibilities.

We also offer positions available in studios, agencies and firms working within different professional sectors such as: Architecture, Urbanism, Landscaping, Construction Management, Project Management, Industrial Design, Computer Graphics, Fine Arts, Media, Communications and Finance.

Interns will support the team with their daily tasks and projects, related to their academic background, skills and goals. Opportunities will arise whereby the intern can get involved with field work, drawing up plans, creating demos and 3D images, conducting on-site meetings and developing assigned individual projects.

The internships encompass a diverse range of industries and sectors thanks to our vast network of partners – making sure we bring you the best internship opportunities in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia!



Just get your Visa!

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Consultancy services (including visa, Spanish courses and internship)

Guidance of documents preparation (not including documents translation)


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1.899 €

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One-to-one expert service (till you get your visa, can assign Chinese expert including the consultancy of housing and course)

Assistance of Visa documents preparation, including documents translation

Off-site notarization and translations (including the notarization fee)

Refund guarantee if Visa application failed (€300 service fee and €300 notarization fee are not refundable)


Forget about everything!

2.899 €

21% VAT excluded

Two experts customized service (including one Spanish expert and one English/Chinese expert, services ends till you arrive to Spain)

Assistance of Visa documents preparation, including documents translation

Off-site notarization and translations (including the notarization fee)

Assistance of house rentinga nd Spanish languege courses

Refund guarantee if Visa application failed (€400 service fee and €300 notarization fee are not refundable)

Customized Services Available

  • ✈ Airport Pick-Up
  • Support with Children’s School Applications:
    • Primary School
    • Junior School
    • High School
  • Guidance for Parent’s Interviews
  • Placement for Spanish Internships
  • Assistance with Scholarship Applications
  • Support for Spanish Government Subsidy Applications

Feel free to include any of these additional services in your customized application package. Let us know your preferences!


How long will it take to get my visa?

If all your information is correct, we usually process your request in less than 72 hours. You will get an official response from the Spanish Government in 20 days if you apply in Spain.

What is the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?

The Spanish Digital Nomad visa is a residence permit that can be extended for a maximum of 5 years and that allows non-EU citizens, that is, from outside the European Union, to live and work remotely from Spain.

How many taxes do Digital Nomads pay in Spain?

Teleworkers or Digital Nomads in Spain only pay a fixed tax rate of 24% on their income up to €600,000. It is a very beneficial advantage compared to the progressive tax rate paid by a Spanish citizen.

Therefore, the tax percentage is always 24% up to that amount of income, instead of increasing with each new bracket of income. This represents great savings, plus Digital Nomads also enjoy tax benefits, such as wealth tax exemption.

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